CeeCee Scribbles

You have no idea.

23 February 1981

[Quicky] pisces. february born. coffee addict. spontaneous. high-maintanence. spoiled. moody. friendly. sociable. lazy. dependable. short. open-minded. crazy. shy. dorky. cranky. sensitive. married. me.
[Shit] I'm Kerrie, but everyone knows me as CeeCee. I spend a lot of my free time on the internet doing random things. I've been singing since I was 12 - although I don't think I'm anything great :/ I also like to dance; it keeps my heart pumping. My favorite actor is Hayden Christensen because he is just uber sexy *mmmpurr* Oh yeah, and he's talented at his craft too *giggles* During the day I work full-time for America's favorite coffee shop, Dunkin Donuts. I'm an Assistant Manager - woohoo.
- RasmUSA's Official Region 2 Leader, New England
- HNotes Staff Writer, find me as sweetdork
- I write fanfiction about The Rasmus, and maybe on occasion about Hayden Christensen. I'm a retired Hanson fiction author.
- I will post my fanfic and other writings in this journal - but they will be protected.
- Right handed
- I was spoiled as a young child, please keep the tradition going!
- High-maintanence - I get my hair dyed, acurlyc nails, and eyebrows waxed.
- I got my drivers liscense when I was 21, back in 2002.
- I love to be onstage performing. I get nervous with butterflys in my stomach, but when I'm up there - it feels like home.
- I've been writing poetry and non-fic since I was around 8 or 9.
- I am a Psychic. I sense the deceased if they are around.
- I'm very empathetic towards people.